November 2, 2009

Daily Joke

Must Be:

A rabbit and a frog were taking a Sunday afternoon walk around the fringes of the wood, when an unexpected thunderstorm began. The two friends sheltered under a huge oak tree, when suddenly it was struck by lightning. A blinding flash, a smell of scorching, debris falling all around them.
After a few moments, the rabbit and the frog came to after being knocked out. They were, amazingly, still alive, but found they had been blinded and lost their memories.
"Where am I? Who am I?" they both moaned.
"You sound familiar", said the rabbit.
The frog replied, "You sound like a friend."
They agreed that the best thing to do was to feel each other to discover who they were.
"You are all covered in warm soft fur and have big ears," said the frog.
"Then I must be a rabbit! And you, you are all cold and slimy and covered in warts, and you have bulging eyes."
"No... no... that means I must be... a lawyer."

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