August 25, 2010

Today's Daily Joke

Know Your Profession:

A woman walks into her accountant's office, telling him she needs to file
 her taxes for the financial year.
"Fine," the accountant says to his client, "but before we begin, I'll need to ask a few questions."
He takes her particulars: name, address, social security number, etc.
Eventually, he comes on to her current occupation.
"What is your profession or current occupation?" he asks.
The woman replies, "I'm a whore."
"No, no, no!" barks the accountant. "That'll never work! It's far too crass! Let's try to rephrase that."
"Okay," says the woman, "err... I'm a prostitute?"
"No, no. That's still far too crude. Can't you think of something else?"
They both sit thinking for a minute, then the woman suddenly blurts out, "I'm a 
chicken farmer."
The accountant is dumbstruck.
"What does chicken farming have to do with being a whore or a prostitute?" he asks.
"Well," says the woman, "I must have raised over 300 cocks last year!"

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