January 28, 2010

Daily Joke

Sex Pills:

A discussion in the doctor's office:
"Doc, me and my husband haven't been having good sex lately.
What should I do?" asked a mother of a daughter and son.
"Well, here. These are sex pills. Slip one into your husbands coffee every morning and you'll have great sex." He replied.
She took the pills and went home.
The next morning she put one of the pills into her husband's coffee.
That night they had great sex.
The next day, she figured it be even better if she put two in, so she did.
They had even better sex all night long.
The next day, she said "Oh what the hell," and dumped the whole bottle into her husband's coffee.
The next day the doctor came to the house to see how the pills were working and he saw a little boy sitting on the front steps crying.
"What's the matter, little boy?" The doctor asked.
"Well," the boy replied. "My mom's dead, my sister's pregnant, my bung-hole hurts, and my dad's running around the house saying 'Here kitty, kitty, kitty.'"

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