September 5, 2009

New Joks of the Day

The Old Widow:

Two old widows named Sue and Lou get married.
They are up there in age, and the romance, engagement and marriage was quick.
They hoped they had enough strength to live through their wedding night.

After the marriage ceremony, they retire to a nearby hotel.
Both are very nervous.
Cautiously they begin to undress in front of each other.
In the process, Sue, the old woman, removes her false teeth and puts them in a glass.

 Then she removes her prosthetic leg and leans it against the wall. She looks up at her new groom and smiles nervously, and Lou is intently watching as Sue continues.
Sue removes her bra which contains false inserts; she removes a glass eye and gingerly places it in a special box on the nightstand.

Again she shyly smiles at her aged spouse, and Lou continues to stare in an interested manner.

As Sue takes off her wig, she realizes that Lou is not making much progress in getting undressed.
He's stopped undressing and is just staring at her.

She asks him, "What are you waiting for?"

Lou quickly replies, "You know what I want. Now take it off and throw it over here!”

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