June 23, 2009

The Daily Joke

The Rookie:

A rookie pitcher was struggling at the mound, so the catcher walked up to have a talk with him who was then joined by the manager, "I've figured out your problem, the young southpaw was told by the manager.
"You always lose control at the same point in every game." 

"When is that?" he asked. 

"Right after the National Anthem is played, so I am sending you back son” said the manager.
The southpaw said, “But sir, this is the minors you can’t send me back, there is no baseball league lower than the minors.”
The manager said, “No, son not back to baseball, back to your day job you had before you came here.”
The frustrated young pitcher replied, “But I worked at McDonalds.”
Well, then make sure you don’t throw any hamburgers around you might hit one of the customers, then you won’t have that job either!” said the catcher.

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