October 2, 2009

The New Joks of the Day

Rich and Poor:

A rich man and a poor man were discussing what they gave their wives for their anniversary.
The Rich Man says, "I bought my wife a diamond necklace and a Mercedes Benz.
The Poor man asks, "Why did you buy her two gifts?"
The Rich Man replies, "Well, in case she doesn’t like the diamond necklace, she can drive her Mercedes Benz to take it back."
The Poor Man acknowledges the rich man's answer then proceeds to tell him what he got his wife. "I got my wife a pair of flip flops and a dildo."
With a confused and intrigued look, the Rich Man asks, "Why did you buy her those gifts?"
The Poor Man replies,
"Well, in case she doesn't like the flip flops, she can go fuck herself."

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