October 7, 2009

The New Joks of the Day

Lucky Strike:

A little boy and girl were walking along a trail in 
the woods.
The little girl noticed that some of the 
animals were behaving oddly.

"Little boy, why is that rabbit on top of the other one?" 
she asked.
The little boy stops to consider his answer, 
and replies,
"They're making cigarettes."
"Cigarettes!" she 
says, as they continue walking along. 

Pretty soon they approach a couple of raccoons. The 
little girl asked, "Are they making cigarettes too"?
"Yes" says the little boy.
The little girl looks around and says,
"It looks like all the animals are making cigarettes".
" Why don't we make cigarettes too?", she asked. 

The little boy was quick to say "Ok !!"

A short time latter the little boy and the little girl were walking out of the woods, when she asked, "Little Boy, what kind of cigarettes did we make?"
The little boy stops to think about his answer, then replies,
”Well if you get a hump in your belly it's a Camel, and if you 
don't it's a Lucky Strike."

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