August 3, 2009

Funny Joke of the Day

Custer's Last Stand:

A man went into an artist’s studio and asked if he could have a rendition of what Custer was thinking at his last stand.
The artist replied he would notify the man when the picture was finished.
Two weeks passed and the man received a call from the artist saying his picture was ready.
The man hurried to the studio and was amazed and somewhat confused by the picture.
He stared at a cow with a large halo on his head surrounded by hundreds of Indians making love.
"This can't be right said the man I wanted a picture of Custer's Last Stand!"
The artist replied, "This is exactly what Custer thought just before he died."
"What do you mean said the man?"
"Well" said the artist, "Custer was thinking, HOLY COW, Where did all these fucking Indians come from?!"

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